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In a society where financial problems seem to affect every family home health care is beginning to make a comeback into the homes of America. However what are the benefits to home care verses a Skilled Nursing Facility or a Retirement Home? Knowing the benefits both financially and in the quality of care are important to any family making the decision as to the best way to care for their loved ones. There are many quality of care differences between home care and facility care but there are three major differences every family should consider before making a final decision.


Personal Care


Retirement Homes and Skilled Nursing Facilities all have the downfall of dealing with many patients at a time and not having the staff to cover every need every time. Home Care Services however can not only provide for every need of the patient but also have a personal touch to the care provided. For the amount of time a home care worker is in the hoe of the patient there is no one else calling for them, therefore providing personal care and getting to know the want and needs of the patient is easier and allows these men and women to provide a level of care which far surpasses that of a facility.


Comfort of the Patient


No matter what kind of care the patient requires for any ailment there should be a level of comfort afforded to that patient. Allowing the patient to stay in their own home helps to facilitate the comfort, there is no need to get them used to a new place for great care to take place they have lived in their home and already know what to expect. Most people are unaware of the toll both mentally and physically being forced to leave the home they know and love takes on a patient in need of skilled care. This stress can be a barrier to healing therefore some studies are showing in home care as a greater alternative to facility care.


Financial Strain on the Patient or Family


In most cases, the reason a family member does not take the patient in and care for them is the extreme financial strain. This can be solved for both the family and the patient as most insurance companies would prefer to pay out for in home care these days than facility care. Here is why, when a patient is admitted to a facility some studies have shown a greater healing time frame than those who are care for by an agency at home. This means they will end up paying out more to the facility than the agency providing in home care. Along with the insurance company there are other ways to pay for in home care which are less expensive than facility care. The patient does not have to worry about losing their homes to the facility, in most cases payment plans can be worked out, and medical supplies are generally provided by the agency providing the care cutting cost between in home care and facility care by at least 30% for the patient and their families.


Care of loved ones is a huge decision to be made by families as the people who cared for them age. For more information, contact us now! We are located in Montreal West Island, we provide professional and reliable home care services for seniors allowing them to stay healthy at home!

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