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High Blood Pressure impacts numerous processes within the body, meaning that the overall state of health and wellbeing that seniors experience can be made vulnerable when Hypertension is an issue.
Risks of High Blood Pressure

People with High Blood Pressure are at a greater risk of experiencing:


Significant Damage to the Arteries

Heart Failure

Heart Disease

Heart Attack

Chronic Kidney Disease

Preventing Hypertension

Making healthy lifestyle choices is widely considered to be the most effective approach to reducing the chances of encountering issues with High Blood Pressure. Seniors can significantly minimize their risk of developing High Blood Pressure, thus reducing their likelihood of experiencing associated risks.

  • Think About How Things Impact Health: Consciously deciding to steer clear of behaviours that can put health at risk is an important part of trying to prevent the development of Hypertension. Seniors should manage their consumption of alcohol, cease smoking entirely, and consider what other changes need to be made in their lives in order to keep themselves healthy.
  • Managing Weight: Seniors should maintain an awareness of the elements of their health, such as Hypertension, that can be altered by changes in weight, and should consult with a healthcare professional to ensure their weight is within the healthy range.
  • Movement: Adding movement or exercise into seniors’ daily routines at a sustainable level is beneficial for their overall health. When paired with a healthy diet, exercise can make a meaningful difference in protecting against the development of High Blood Pressure.
  • Diet: Reducing consumption of processed junk foods, and sticking to a diet largely made up of healthy and nutritious fruits and vegetables is beneficial for seniors’ overall health. Monitoring sodium intake is also important when it comes to blood pressure, and seniors’ daily intake should remain at 1300mg or less (1200mg for seniors over 70), this includes the sodium that exists within processed or prepared foods, not just the salt added onto meals at the table.

It is never too late to start making healthier lifestyle choices that can help seniors manage Blood Pressure, or deal with it once it is already a concern. Intentional choices made by seniors concerning their diet, exercise, and other health-promoting behaviours can help to decrease the chances or impacts of High Blood Pressure.


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