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Manulife Health Benefits for Home Care

manulife home care benefits west island montrealYou don’t hesitate to insure your home, car and other assets, so why wouldn’t you insure something as important as your health!

Retire-At-Home in West Island Montreal now offers a Manulife Insurance Product for our clients that takes into consideration the costs of your home care services. The Association Health & Dental Plan, is a unique insurance product that starts where government coverage ends! Without a benefits plan like this, you would normally have to pay out of your own pocket for common expenses like prescriptions, dental care, vision care, therapeutic services and home care services.

With the affordable coverage offered by The Association Health & Dental Plan, you’ll have one less thing to worry about, knowing that many of your family’s medical expenses, both routine and unexpected, will be covered.

What’s in it for you?

  • All plans include Core Benefits – You don’t have to pay extra for benefits like vision care, registered specialists and therapists, ambulance services and more.
  • No waiting period – Your benefits start on the first day of the month following approval. There is no waiting period for eligibility.
  • Fast, convenient claims submission – Your Benefit Card makes it easy for most prescription drug and dental claims to be processed for you electronically so you keep money in your pocket.
  • Acceptance is often guaranteed – The Base Plan requires no medical questionnaire, nor do any of the four Dental Plans, so your acceptance is guaranteed!
  • Health Service Navigator® – You and your eligible family members can quickly and easily get answers to your questions and access to support services. Easily accessible on the web at www.manulifehealth.ca or with a simple call to a dedicated toll-free line, you can receive information, medical coordination services and resources on how to navigate the Canadian health care system. Health Service Navigator can also help you get world-class medical second opinions.

Contact us today for more information and special rates on this unique benefits package with a home care component!

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